From the Grill to the Gridiron, Roy Miller’s Journey Back to Kansas City
October 17, 2017 09:56 PM | Matt McMullen
Sometimes when times are tough, life has a funny way of bringing you back to where it all began.

That was the case for former Kauffman Stadium food service employee and current Kansas City Chiefs' defensive tackle Roy Miller, who returned to the Truman Sports Complex this season after a 15 year hiatus elsewhere.

"I did everything from putting hot dogs on rollers to grilling burgers and all that stuff," Miller said. "It's just crazy. I think it's wild how I was there as a child and now I'm working here. It's just a very crazy situation that I've been through."

Miller, who grew up in Texas, would visit Kansas City in the summertime with his dad to spend time with his grandma as a teenager.

It was during those summers that Miller started working at Kauffman with his cousins to make a little money.

"I was a hard worker as a child, so I did a lot of odd jobs - like fixing fences in high school," Miller recalled. "I always had a good work ethic."

That work ethic only intensified throughout a standout tenure at the University of Texas and an eight-year NFL career.

"My dad used to tell me stories about Kansas City football players that he met as a child and the impact they had," Miller said. "Going up here to the Royals' stadium as a kid, I definitely had a higher appreciation for professional sports and it lit that fire for me."

But that was all in jeopardy last season, when a ruptured Achilles tendon threatened to bring his career to an end.

Which brings Miller back to Kansas City.

The Chiefs signed the 30-year-old defensive tackle on August 2, inviting him to continue his career across the parking lot from where it all began so many years ago.

Miller took to social media on Sunday to share his roundabout story.

"I pass by (Kauffman) every day coming to work and it's just something I've been thinking about it for a long time," Miller said. "I just figured I'd say something about it."

Now back in Kansas City, Miller can again spend time with his grandma while also showing off her excellent cooking.

"She'll drop some food off and most of the guys will run over to my house to grab some. It's a little bit of everything, especially when this fool right here puts in an order," said a laughing Miller, gesturing towards fellow defensive tackle Chris Jones. "She'll cook whatever we want."

A lot has happened in Miller's life over the past 15 years, though as of right now, it's as if nothing's changed.

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